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Gigabyte 965P and Lleopard works great.

you can install vanilla kernel, but you don't have reboot. So you can download from irc AppleACPIPlatform and this fix reboot

if you have trouble with LAN on weak up you must set in bios S1 ON POWER MANAGMENT (NOT S3. S3 crash Network on wake up.)



if you do this...you have with vanilla kernel sleep/reboot/shutdown and lan always working.


audio works with ALC888 skippyretard package and with NViject 1.05 leopard you have full working NVIDIA 7900GS


this is my configuration



I Hope help anybody with my same issue.


p.s. for update to 1.5.1 I tried to donwload the full package and then install..not software update.. all worls



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