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Flat image can't boot


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Hi there, just trying to get my new hdd to boot into Leopard...

I mount the image oafter making a 60gb partition on my 2nd hdd and then reboot into that drive but nothing happens...... what's wrong here?


when I do it from windows the 16gb image works without a hitch but It creates a 16gb partition which I don't want........ because my latest working install has the issue of not merging the two partitions on the drive..





all help appreciated

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ok specs are

ga p35-ds3p (bought specially for this purpose)

2.3 ghz pentium 6550 I think

2gb ram

60gb drive (flat image -- hoped to get it working on this 60gb partition)

320gb sata drive (second drive with leopard from which I installed the flat image to 60gb)

geforce 7300gs

sata dvdRW


I have a third drive with Ubuntu on it that I would like to use to install the flat image to this first 60gb hdd

Is this possible from the terminal? should I just completly wip the 60gb reload a fresh mbr just incase? What are the commands I would need to do this



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