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Hello guys, how ya doing?


i installed the Leopard on my pc and update to 10.5.1. everything is smooth and fine but only two problems are: no Audio, and Nvidia GeForce 7900GT/GTO,


here my motherboard info:



i tried to install each of them; NVinject.0.1.5-Leo.zip and NVinject v0.1.3 Installer GeForce 5/6/7 Series and 8800 card support as follow the steps from http://nvinject.free.fr/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4 and http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=65849


after doing chmod and chown and repair permissions, reboot, then it stops at a blue screen, i tried to put another dual outlet closed to motherboard, but got a black screen with a pointer of mouse.


so, i removed NVinject.kext, back to leopard. i edit info.plist each NVDANV50HAL.kext, NVDAResman.kext, GeForce.kext, and NVinject with my Device ID of video card and doing chmod, chown, repair permissions, reboot. but got an error says "please press the restart or hold the shut down..blah blah" something like that.


i had been looking many forumes and cant find solve.


how about natit? which is better natit or nvinject?


P.S. i am deaf...sorry for my english.


and one more, do you have any idea where can i find my pc_efi info? i done insalled pc_efi.

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