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building a hackintosh need help-very confused

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hi guys


right im going to build a hackintosh which i will overclock (so bear that in mind) and i need some help deciding which mobo and graphics to buy ?


here are my proposed/confirmed specs :


intel 2160 core2duo cpu (confirmed)

here is my dilemma asus P5B-e or plain p5b ??

or asus p5k-e or non e



which graphics cards do you guys recommend that will work and are reasonable powerful my budget for a card is about £80-100 depending on power ?? not too bothered about ati or nvidia


really could use some help as im a total newbie , trying to build a good solid pc system that will double as an osx rig for a whole budget of £350+


also where can i get the moded osx86 discs ?


thanks guys


p.s not too fussed about leopard or tiger but would like leopard if possible

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