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Help me Dual Boot Linux!


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I have been playing with the LiveCD of Linux Mint (an Ubuntu deriative) for a bit now and I want to go the full hog and install it.


I have three partitions


0,0 - Restore Disk - this is the disk I boot OS X from (its a recovered 10.8 install)

0,1 - Free partition - this is where I want to install Linux too

0,2 - Macintosh- this is a Leopard install (but Leopard doesnt run too brilliantly)


I have installed Linux Mint onto 0,1 however when it comes to install Grub it fails.


So I load up and F8 to get to Darwin bootloader, and I select 0,1 but it just takes me into 0,3 (which is the only Primary partition)


How can I set it up so I can start Linux from Darwin bootloader, if it all?

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