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Toshiba P20 (P25) Geforce FX 5200 GO 64mb LCD probs


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Hello guys,

You're doing amazing work, thank You!


I have some Q about NVinject, my machine is Toshiba P20 Laptop 17" (1400x900) with Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 Go 64 MB, i use Jas 10.4.8 with 8.8.1. My machine detects graphic board but internal LCD is not (not new for everyone Black screen problem), but VGA output works ok and i use External LCD, Core image and QE is working too, so the problem is only in internal LCD.

I tryed to edit my info.plist:

NV injectGo Show package contents-> i see Contents folder with Info.plist and 2 folders- MacOS and Resources. I open Info.plist with PlistEdit Pro and i Find throught many strings something like this






And i don't get why You're writing NVCAP data changes in digits and i have LETTERS... HEX? or maybe i watch no into right section of info.plist or what?

Plz can somebody explain where to chage this NVCAP data and maybe somebody have any idea what can help more to activate internal screen



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