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I just bought my first ever Mac, a black Macbook. After not being able to put this thing down since I have gotten it, I am wanting to install Leopard on my main PC now. I have been convinced that Mac is a great system!!!!


With that being said, I want to start from scratch. Can I use the install CD that came with my Macbook? As I understand it, it will need to be patched? I'm just a little confused with all the methods people have been using that I have seen out there.


Here are my hardware specs, they are comparable to that of a Mac Pro:


Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard (wiki entry says it's fully supported, but needs patching)

2 GB of RAM

BFG Nvidia 7300 GS

Samsung Writemaster DVD combo drive

1x160gb SATA II HDD (I'm going to install it on this)

2x250gb SATA II HDD (these currently house my linux install, I may just leave these alone unless I don't find myself using it:P)


So what's my first step? I'm not real clear on the history of this project, so are some of the guides I found possibly outdated? I don't want to d/l a torrent, as it's piracy and I don't learn anything. If I can get this fully working on my system I am going to buy a legitimate copy of leopard, and someday a Mac pro.

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