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Everquest Cider Port working perfect - BUT - NO FONTS


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In the last several days i have tried to get Everquest I running under Cider.

Using the old cider build from some DeusEx i got it running as shown in this screenshot




as you can see the entire text is missing


In the Options Menu you can define a Font for the Game, but where normally the font list would appear in the options list there is not a single entry, this means that everquest can't find any font.


In Crossover you can select a Font.



What i also tried was using the Cider Build of the latest GameTap posted on this Forum (used for oblivion), the first screens when starting everquest do show very distorrted text, but it's text! :) Now the Problem is, when i get past the first 2 screens, choose my playserver and hit enter world the game crashes to Desktop :(


Old Cider Build: Game runs perfect, but no text

New Cider Build: Disstorted Text, crashes after loading the actual game engine


Any Ideas would be much appreciated!


What i allready tried:


switched out config files,

switched out .reg files,

put in Framework files etc



INFO: for anyone who wants to try it out - you gotta have a full patched/updated everquest directory and you need to put in the following code into your config preference file

"cmdlineadd" = "patchme"


the program to start is eqgame.exe

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ok it took alot of try and error (i switfched out some files in the framework directory for d3d) but i finally got it to boot past the server select screen ingame


now the problem is that all fonts are pretty distorted (see screenshot)


switching through the fonts didnt really help, they all look like this more or less


Edit: Friend of mine said that the fonts are not shown at all, just the size of the bitmap blocks. If you look at the image carefully, its really just boxes ...



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