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Boot from RAID 0

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hi.. I'm looking for a Raid controller that works with osx and that can boot osx from 2 hd linked with the controller on raid 0. Do anyone knows if it exist? thanks a lot.
. . any true hardware RAID controller will work with a bootable array [they are of course driverless & OS-transparent].


A cheap equivalent is the Silicon Image Sil4723 'Steelvine' SATA-splitter fitted to the P5WDH - this is driverless & transparent.


The Highpoint firmware RAID hosts with the Marvell controller have OSX drivers - I have seen one claim [on IRC] of making such a setup bootable.


Similarly hosts using the Silicon Image 3132 have OSX drivers - here is a review of such a host specifically designed to boot in Mac Pros - I have a simple Mac/PC Sil3132 host which POSTs/appears in my mobo's boot-order & assume an array could be made bootable.

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