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[TEST]Desktop GMA950 Solution, full QE/CI/resolution change/no artifact


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1. Introduction.

You can skip to part 2 if you want to. The solution has been provided by someone else, but not very detailed. You might be missing something that makes it didn't work on your hack. I'm here to provide a step-by-step guide, so read it carefully. And i want to know how many of you get it working. so that i'll know if this method is system-specific or it's universal to everyone.

2. What you Need

a. Leopard 10.5.1 Update

b. Knowledge of how to install 10.5.1 update on your Hackintosh

c. a 4:3 monitor (this method doesn't seem to be working on widescreen monitor)

3. Step by Steps

a. update to 10.5.1, even if you are already using 10.5.1, install the update again.

b. restore all the kexts and kernel you need, LEAVE every kexts regarding GMA950 & AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext ORIGINAL

c. reboot, in the mean time decide which resolution does your monitor recommand. for me on a 17" sony display, it's 1280x1024

[from what i know, it worked on 1280x1024 but failed on wide screen resolutions. anyway, worth a try. it WON'T mess up your system]

d. press F8 when boot up, type and replace 1280x1024 with UR OWN RESOLUTION

"Graphics Mode"="1280x1024@60"

so it's an axe not a asterisk between the two numbers, and a shift-2 @ sign before the 60. don't mistype!

e. if you're having the desired resolution in your system, then please reply and tell us what's the model of your mobo. if you failed, we hope you still have the courtesy to tell us.


Thank you. It might help a LOT of people.

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