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"Still waiting for root device" problem, unable to find solution. Please help!


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So I understand this is a common problem and i've been forum browsing for hours only to find almost every reported problem is different and with different solutions that don't apply to me. Then the ones that do make sense confuse the hell out of me and spending hours of trial and error isn't too favourable, so here I go hoping someone can diagnose my specific problem.


Here's my machine:

Intel D865OT Motherboard

Intel Core2 Duo 1.86gHz, 1066mHz bus

1x 80gb SATA Hard Drive

1x 250gb PATA IDE Hard Drive (Master)

16x DVDRW IDE (Slave)

Nvidia Geforce 7900GS 512mb


So basically I saw many different ways to install leopard, either by using it to upgrade a previously installed Tiger OSX or, the way I did it, to install it straight onto the computer without Tiger installed. I downloaded the Patched BrazilMac ISO for almost 5gb complete with the patches and burned that to a single-layer DVD. I got my flash drive ready and took all the necessary preparations that were required (i.e making a 25gb partition on my SATA drive, updating the BIOS, etc).


So with everything set, I went to boot leopard on startup and loaded through hitting F8 and typing -v -x. It loaded the Kernels then went to another screen where it stumbled through a few commands, couple errors and then pausing for a bit.. then saying "Still waiting for root device"


After looking the problem up, it seemed to generally be related to SATA drives and the lack of support the installer has for them, being unable to detect them. Most of the solutions were then to make the PATA IDE HD the master, the DVDRW the slave and unplugging the SATA drive. Or to make the SATA a "Native" "IDE" or "AHCI". I tried all those solutions and came to the exact same problem. I mean at that point, SATA wasn't even an issue since it was unplugged, yet it still did not detect the PATA IDE HD. So I'm stumped, and can't really find a solution on any forums.


So please, if anyone can help me i'll be greatly appreciative.


Notes to consider:

-Some people said using a DVDRW optical drive can fix the problem. But truthfully I want to spend $0 on this installation so I definitely want to avoid that.

-People also mentioned that the HDD MUST be on IDE0 as Master. Well the jumpers are set correctly and the HDD IS the Master and the DVDRW IS the Slave, but how do I make it IDE0? My Mobo only has one IDE port and I believe it's IDE1. So some clarification on that would be helpful.

-My BIOS only has options to check the SATA drives and is impossible to adjust settings for the IDE, so don't bother telling me to do that. All I can do to see the computer even detects it is to see it in the boot order.


Anyways, REALLY looking forward to your replies.

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I also had this isse as well thoght my Sata HDD was freaking out. So finally I figured out reading another post that when it says still waiting for root device. It means root device as in the leopard install dvd is not being read because your dvd drive is probally not supported by leopard because when I switched to my other DVD Rom it installed fine.

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Well that has to be a small coding problem maybe because it detects the DVD Rom well enough to load the CD and compile the Kernels. Is there something I could delete off the DVD that removes that process? Or another way to run the DVD image?

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