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First time MAC user.....


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I am a first time MAC user... :D

got myself a jas os x tiger 10.4.8 for intel .. installed it ... but with no sound , no LAN support.. :wacko:

fiddled arnd on it for sm time then uninstallled it... cuz i cudnt go online. :unsure:


1 more thing ... i had to remove da 7600GS graphic card cuz da monitor kept on switchin on and off every 1 second.. so OSX ran on the Onboard 915 GMA.

this was 2 days back


as of now.. installed Windows XP SP2 :P


my rig is

Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHZ HT

Intel 915GAV Motherboard

1.5GB of RAM

Nvidia 7600GS PCIE 256MB Graphics card

Seagate 120GB SATA HDD



Now i m thinkin of puttin XP and OSX Tiger in for dual boot .. i went thru da forum topics ..

but its confusin considerin da fact dat i m first time MAC user... so wat shud i do to get it right in da first try itself.. :P

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i got XP and Tiger to dual boot... perfectly... used Zay's Wiki ... thnx Zay..now i've configure LAN, AUDIO and da GFX card...also 1 more thing ... as in case on Windows ther's an auto update feature..da same is da case wit MAC...but as in windows ther was dis {censored} WGA dat got thru automatic updates and irrespective of ur copy of XP being Genuine or Pirated .. it said it was pirated....Duh!!does nethin like this hapn in Mac ??

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ohk... installed 10.4.9 update...

along wit it i also installed a couple of other updates dat i found on a single zip file ...

awsm stuff...

got Sound i/p and o/p , LAN , Onboard Graphics Driver.

The only thing left is my Nvidia 7600GS .

it'll only b a matter of time until i get dat wrkin too...

thnx for all da help ....

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so afta diggin up hw to make my Nvidia 7600GS compatible wit OS X Tiger, i finally managed to get it right.... :guitar:


but it says Core Image and Quartz Extreme is not supported... :o


i've read posts in this forum related to Nvidia 7600GS and their cards are able to supprt CI & QE.... :angel:


i m stuck... i've done everythin as told... :(


any 1 care to kik me on da correct path...

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