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GeForce 7300 and Video Artifacts with DVI


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I have a PCI-Express GeForce 7300LE (128 MB VRAM) and it works great... except for the fact it gives me terrible horizontal lines when using DVI out! They appear for a very brief period of time - say 1/60th of a second - and immediately disappear.


Using the same cables and display with another machine exhibits no problems, demonstrating this is a card-specific issue. The cable is in excellent shape and rated for dual link DVI.


This is the particular card:



What's strange is that the lines are a product of the resolution and overall image displayed. Low resolutions display little or no artifacting. Large resolutions - such as my LCD's native resolution, 1920 x 1200 - can display quite a bit. Backgrounds like the 10.4 default blue desktop show a lot of lines flickering on and off. Other backgrounds, like the 10.5 default desktop, cause almost no artifacts to appear - no matter how closely you look, they're literally *not* there. But then open a large, white window, and they kick up.


I've seen this under 10.4 and now 10.5. I've used natit, titan, and now nvinject under 10.5. It's driving me crazy now that I have a display that requires DVI.


Any suggestions would be welcome...

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OK, I did a lot of tests and it seems the issue is... intermittent... but very real. [Last post was deleted.]


I have the Gigabyte 965P-DS3, rev 3.3:



When you are running RAM tests (all of which pass) the video lines appear to reduce. I have no idea why. But even the most extensive memory tests seem to go through perfectly - zero errors.


Cooling the video card has no affect on this problem. Locking the PCI-E bus speed at the default 100 mhz has no permanent affect - though it seems to have reduced artifacting. Removing a RAM chip has no permanent affect.


What bothers me is that I can't seem to turn off "Robust Graphics Booster" which CLEARLY warns it may cause the video card to malfunction. The only options are auto, fast and turbo.


Any ideas would be welcome.. meanwhile I will keep futzing with settings...

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I have updated firmware, tested the memory, reseated the memory, replaced the memory, locked the PCI-E bus speed, etc. Nothing seems to resolve the problem.


The issue is most pronounced after waking from deep sleep.


Any ideas?

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