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NVidia 680i Chipsets

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I created this topic to get the nForce 680i SLI = C55XE + MCP55 Chipset and the mobo work correctly with osx86.

Rules to post messages:

Please do not post messages like "Is it done yet?" or "Does anybody has a working version of.......?"

You will see every dev success on the main post (here)!

If you get something working, then please send me an email (szerver_admin@citromail.hu) and the source code too, to be able to use for other devs.


Things to get working:


-The ACPI:

First,we need to get the sleep mode (S3), and restart, to work perfectly. I think we can "copy" the algorithm, from the Windows or from Linux drivers.

Second is to write an algorithm to get the infos of fans' speed and "thermic zone", to make the computer quieter. Very dangerous!!!


-The IDE:

I know it works, but there is a modified driver which makes it faster. You can download it at the SATA section with the SATA driver.


-The SATA:

OK, Read/Write!!!

I need some testers!!!

Here it is:




There is a picture in the zip, screenshot of my SystemProfiler.

Please reply!!! GOOD LUCK!



If you use my SATA driver, and you have an IDE HD which is bigger then 120 GB then use my AppleVIAATA.kext too!!!


-The Ethernet:

Marvell 88E1116, isn't it? I think it is working, but not with the forcedeth.kext!



-The Audio:

ALC885 - Working correctly :P !!!

SoundMax 1988B - There is an AzaliaAudio.kext for this chip, but only Stereo out works :D ! Need to get all 8 channels working!!!



OK, we need to write an SLI driver! Not only for two, but three graphics cards (3-way sli).


-OSX86 Installer:

When all of these are done, create an osx86 installer patch, with these drivers on it, and videocard support.


There are lots of 680i mobos, so please indicate which are you working with!!!


My Mobo: Asus P5N32-E SLI


Good work for all of us and have fun! :P

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