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nForce4 lan drivers not working on Leopard


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i have just recently installed leopard and am having troubles with my lan

i have 2 nForce4 lan adaptors build into my motherboard (asus m2n32 sli delux) and a realtek rlt8187 usb wireless lan adaptor also built into the motherboard.

leopard is showing them in the system profiler (the realtek rlt8187 wireless shows in the usb subtitle) but i cannot get anything to work!

when i go to my network settings it and i choose to add a network (a dropdown menu) it has choices from firewire, 2 ethernet choices, and a serial one. nothing about wireless in there.

i created 2 ethernet connections using each different option and it only ever says that there is nothing plugged into either of them, when there quite certianly is!

it would be useful (but not essential) to get my onboard wireless working too, but i really dont know how

as you can probably tell im quite new to os x, any help would be greatly appreicated!




MOBO, ASUS M2N32 SLI Delux (wireless version)

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Hello All!

And at me the similar problem!!! + no sound!!!



CPU | AMD Athlon-64 X2 6000+

MB | ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe/WiFi

3D | Ati Radeon HD3870 512Mb DDR4 Sapphire

RAM | 2X Transcend 1Gb DDR2 800

C° | Zalman CNPS9500 LED

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