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Keyboard help needed

Josh C

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I'm using Tiger 10.4.1, Deadmoo's image. I know its pretty old, so does my PC. But thats what i've been downloading all time and won't bother to download another one.


My keyboard's not working because it's a PS/2. I need to patch it with Maxxuss patch. I've found the patch but i need an input device to work with.

The mouse could work, but it couldn't serve as the enter key.

I tried Virtual Keyboards but it won't work, like Itunes. I've even tried the Widget Virtual Keyboard, same thing.

I've even tried installing the .kext files, it turns out that it was already built in.

To replace it, i need to type the password, to do that, i need keyboard.

I've even bought a PS/2 to USB converter, OSX found the keyboard, told me to press the key to the right of the Shift key, which was probably Z, but i've wait 'bout 3 minutes nothing changes.


Anybody has any more ideas? Because my head is gonna blow just to figure this out. And I'm not gonna buy a new keyboard just for this. I just bought this one recently.

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