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Mini guide for you to ponder.Ethernet/dual boot Xp/Os-x


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I Hope this is the right spot for this.

This is ment to help out a few of my problems as well as a mini

guide fo others to follow.


Ok I installed Toh RC2.

Dual boot Xp/Leopard TOH RC2 With Xp's boot loader. (Tboot work around, Not Chain0)

Here are my specs and stats.


Stuff thats working:


p4vm800 Asrock board. working (out of box)

P4 3.4 Presscot Working (out of box)

Ati 1650 Pro Working (out of box)(though can't change res)

8139 based generic ethernet card Working (out of box)(after Xp work around See below)


Keyboard 1 - IBM working (out of box)

Mic working (out of box)

Onboard audio was working See here


Logitec g5 mouse working (out of box)

usb ports working (out of box)

Fire wire port working (out of box)

Drives Dvd/Rom - Dvd/Rw working (out of box)

Plug and play hard drive/usb pens working (out of box)

Apple update working (although I only downloaded Itunes/Quick time)


Stuff thats not working:


on board audio No Go

on board ethernet No Go

Zboard No Go (but thats ok what am I going to use it with)



Ok heres how I fixed a few things with the dual boot. I installed XP on the hard drive.

Then I used a partion program and divided the hard drive in 2.

I then ran the Toh RC2 install DVD, and let it run its course.

After the install it would load up Os-x. It hit F8 and got the dual boot

menu from os-x. I then loaded into Xp. I then set the partion for Xp to

Active and Download Tboot. (google Tboot) I then copied that to C: folder.

Then went to desktop right clicked on my computer properties. Went to the

advanced tab. Clicked on Startup and Recovery Tab "Settings"

Clicked the time to display list of operating systems 30sec

then I hit the edit button and added this command under the last

entry: C:\tboot="Leopard"

Done enjoy


Next was the disapering ethernet card in leopard after loading up Xp then going back to

Os-x. Here was my work around.

In Windows.

Right click my computer, Goto hardware tab Click it. Then click Device Manager.

Scroll to the Network adapters Double click the card you are using.

Click the advanced tab. There should be a list there.

Here is what you are looking for scroll down to

Wake-On-Lan After shut down - Enable this setting.

WakeUp on ARP/Ping - Enable this setting.



Zboard works after the os-x load up but not before. It's useless anyway.


As far as the audio goes see link below for my other post.







There you have it

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