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Lost MBR when adding Tiger - any help appreciated


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I have two drives, Seagate and a maxtor. I originally had XP on the Seagate and later added the Maxtor and Vista on that drive. I recently installed Tiger on the Seagate and in that process I wiped out the drive and created 2 partitions(Tiger at 30G and Leopard taking the rest). I did not realize it at the time, but my mbr was on my Seagate and after I finallly got Tiger installed I realized what I had done. Now, I can only boot into Tiger.


Ultimate goal is to have a dual boot working with Vista and Tiger and inevitably Vista and Leopard. I have some files on the Vista drive that I would be a real shame to lose. That Vista install disc cannot recover; it sees no installations. I cannot install Vista on same drive without a format.


I have been doing a lot of reading and downloaded the Vista Live CD. I think I am going to go buy another external drive and mount that and the Vista drive in Tiger to at least try and copy over all files as backup. Doh! - Might have been a good idea to backup first. lol


So, how best can I put an mbr back in place and be able to boot both OS's? The drive letters did used to switch between XP and Vista, so I'm concerned if I use Vista bootrec that I might kill the Tiger install. The Seagate is my primary boot drive in bios.


Thanks for any guidance/help!!


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