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i have a p5k deluxe, anyone here have this mobo with leopard


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yes you need a sata dvd to install and dont forgette the change IDE TO AHCI on bios.
Don't you need to set the SATA to AHCI, and not the IDE? As far as i'm aware AHCI is only available for SATA drives... Wiki on AHCI: click me

You could possibly try installing OSX in VMWare, and using a VMWare to native guide. Some searching should get you a guide of this kind, hehe.


Good luck getting things working :blink:


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Als have a P5K Deluxe, with Leo on it, and all is working great.

Just did 'nt try to get Wifi Working.


Cable is allways better :(


Did you post a guide ? where, I have the same mother, which version did you used?

I get this screen


tiger work perfect but I don´t know what else I can do?


how is your bios setup speciali cpu seting ?


give same tips and tricks !!!



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