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Old Tiger version - How to update?


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I'm new to all of this, "mac on a pc" business, and I could really use some help. I have succesfully created a dualboot beetween Vista and Tiger, BUT my tiger version is way old; 10.4.6.


How do I update it to 10.4.6, without having to redownload and reinstall Tiger again?

Can I simply use the Apple Software Update Manager?


Tiger works great on my Dell. Everything runs, or almost, anyway. I can't change it into higher resolutions that 1024 * 768. I'm suspecting that I have to install a driver for my graphicscard, which is a nVidia 6800. I've seached the net, and found something called Macvidia, will this work for my card? I couldn't check it out, because the site is down for maintenance ATM.


And last, my sound doesn't work either. I run with a Soundblaster 4 (Creative) card, and my motherboard card is SigmaTel "something something" - Can I get the sound working in any way?


Else I am very pleased with TIger as I see it now, the thing that really suprised me was the booting time. After I select the partion in Darwin, it takes like 5 seconds, before it's ready to use, really cool!


If anyone wish to know my PC specs:


Intel Pentium 4 @ 3,2 Ghz

2 GB Ram

nVidia 6800; 256 Mb

Soundblaster 4

Western Digital; 250 gb HDD


Thanks in advance for the help! icon_wink_anim.gif

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