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AMD Leo, For my computer?


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I have AMD semprono 3000+ CPU, and a old MOBO, well not that old, but i is compatible with the CPU...

i have 320GB HDD, 128mVRAM, so would i be able to find a AMD copy of leo out there? on a certain bay, maybe?

could you give me the name?


the one i keep tring to download always calls it self, "Documents" and is in like 71 bits?

how do i work this one?


also, when ever i try to put JaS 10.4.8 on my computer, i get to the formatting bit and it alwayus says i have a 128GB HDD??WHY?

is there anything i can do to get my current tiger to work and find a copy for AMD Leo?


Think Mark

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hello yes I have just insalled that today on my amd 64 3200 SSE3 ,trying to get stuff to work properly sata drives not working just yet had to install on a IDE drive the documents you got from the swedish bay need to be unpacked using winrar in windows. burn the iso and boot up from the resulting cd its 4.37gb so it can fit on a dvd


MSI-6471 motherboard

2 gb ram

AMD 64 3200 with SSE3 instruction set



Its MAC OS X 10.5.1 the latest :angel:

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