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Help with display issue on Leopard


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I think this is the correct topic to post help questions in. if not, im sorry.


I have installed Leopard using the ToH Leopard X86 RC2

I had an audio issue but found the kext i needed to get that working.

Also had a boot issue but i have that resolved a well.


i have spent weeks trying many different kexts and numerous installs.


When i had tiger i was using the gma900 kext ( i think the full name was appleintelgma900.kext)

i got a copy of the install package from tiger and when i try to install it on leopard i get an error saying it wont install...

does anyone have a fix or know where i can get the kext or the package or point me to a tutorial to fix my display issue?


i have searched all over and have done so many different installs that this is a huge headache now... i don't want to go back to tiger but the display issue is a big problem.


Also in Leopard there are no laptop controls, for powermanagement or lid options.... is that normal?


thanks to anyone who can help this osx noob out.

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