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What am I missing? Digitmemo guide


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I am trying to dual boot vista and leopard. This computer only have one disk, so it isn't as easy as other installs.


I have two partitions obviously.



I booted into the ToH DVD and created two partitions, I made one MS-DOS (FAT) and the other I made Mac Extended (Journaled).


I then booted up Vista and I have to format the FAT partition to NTFS and installed Vista. At this point I could boot into Vista.


Next, I booted up the ToH DVD and installed Leopard to the HFS partition.


I followed Digitmemo guide as best I could, so I could enable EFI v8 for the Leopard install.Digitmemo guide


So, I put boot_v8, grldr, tboot, menu.lst and boot.ini into C: of the vista partition.


This is my boot.ini


[boot loader]



[operating system]

c:\tboot="Mac OSX Leopard"



This is my menu.lst


find -set-root /bootmgr

timeout 10

default 0

title Leopard

kernel (hd0,0)/boot_v8



When I reboot the computer, I get a loader that says, "Microsoft Windows Vista" and "Mac OSX Leopard".


If I select Vista it loads just fine.


If I select OSX it says, "No HFS partition found".


Do I need to do the startuptool section? I was under the impression that if you're using the grub/grldr method you don't use startuptool?


Thanks for the help.

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