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How do I gain access to the 'root' in Leopard's Terminal?


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Is it different from Tiger...I am kinda confused here ;)


( On my Tiger Install I get this in Terminal )

Last login: Fri Dec 14 02:13:37 on console

Welcome to Darwin!

You have mail.

90-230-***-**-no135:~ username$ sudo -s


90-230-***-**-no135:~ root#



( In Leopard I get this?!? )

Last login: Fri Dec 14 03:21:45 on ttys000

90-230-***-**-no135:~ username$ sudo -s





Whats this 'bash' thing?

Why aint the root showing up?


I really need to install my geforce and NVDAResman kext through terminal.

Help would be appreciated, thanks!

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