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Broadcom Wireless Card Not Working In Leopard

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I just got rid of my Ralink Wireless card because I couldn't get it working at all.


I instead, ordered a LinkSys WMP54GS card, after reading in the HCL and in various threads that it would work perfectly in OSx86.

However, it's not working. It is detected as an Airport card, but I am unable to connect to any access points and I get a "connection failed" dialogue. In the menu bar at the top, it says Airport is not configured.


I've tried adding the device ID into the Broadcom drivers section of IO80211.kext but I've not got any further.


I'm using ToH RC2 on a 945GC Chipset (PCI is working 100%, so that won't be the problem)


Is there perhaps anything I've missed or have I got an incompatible kext?


Thanks :D

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imo you have to update keychains update at software update


(you dont need update to 1051 only keychains.. it is, i think, an apple reported problem)


i had that problem on my hackintosh but i didnt update or change anything except that update to get it work

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