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adobe cs3 window behavior


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i've got a little problem with the ui of the adobe cs3 familiy.


while the new ui works extremly well under windows, it kinda sucks

with osx. the problem is that the main window is still free floating

and part of it can be inaccessible (moved under other pallets).


this isn't possible under windows anymore and makes cs3 so much

more usable, because it keeps every thing extremly tidy.


is there any way i can dock the main window like in windows?


it really annoys me the way it is now. i know that this is the default

osx behavior, but with cs3 it is really bad. (imho at least).


ps: if my problem is not clear, i will post some screenshots later.


EDIT: this looks better, the main window seems to be docked? http://www.jnack.com/vids/NewUI.html


EDIT2: ok im stupid, its maximized screen view http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/Player/...amp;redirect=no

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