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Ok, I currently have OS x86 installed on my 1st partition, and XP on my 2nd (on it now, I also have a 3rd set aside for Vista but it is not installed yet). I had OS x86 as the active partition, and tried booting XP with the Darwin bootloader, but it gave me an error saying something was wrong with XP and it needed to be fixed.


What I want to know is if simply running OS x86 would mess with XP at all, because I have reinstalled XP over 10 times in the past 3 days and I am very annoyed, haha. So yeah, would running OS x86 right now keep me from booting XP in the future without having to reinstall? If the case is that XP simply needs to be active, how can I do that from the Darwin bootloader? Thanks a million!

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