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can only boot if i have dvd in tray


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thank you everybody for your great guides,,


i couldnt install it using any single one. so i used multiple guides and got it to work :(


for a newb.. i think i did pretty good at resourcing all the info. :(


so . i noticed that i can only boot itto leopard if i have the dvd in the tray and press f11 to choose the boot sequence and choose dvd and then let the timer run out..


is ther ea way to boot straight to the hd and have leopard load.. if i just let the hd load then leopard opens up to a screen with a power symbol which is the wallpaper and a text on a hud image in 4 languages saying please restart your computer by holdign the power button.


i restart but it just goes back to that.

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Same here.


I'm using the GA-Gigabyte P35-DS3L and a Q6600 Quad Core running at 3.33GHz. Boot disk is a spare 20GB PATA drive that I had lying around and the DVD is SATA. I was able to boot with the BrazilMac Patched DVD, partition the PATA drive as Mac extended journaled, and then install Leopard onto it. I then rebooted again with the DVD and applied the patches.


When I take the DVD out, it will not boot - it just sits there and doesn't even report an error. If I leave the DVD in, it will load the bootloader and count down.. when it gets to 0, it boots from the hard drive and goes right into Leopard. I've since gotten my LAN and audio to work (ALC888 on the ICH9 is a pain). I think I've even done the EFI patch but I'm not sure if it worked.


I just can't get this thing to boot directly from the hard drive without the DVD in the tray!


I've tried a bunch of things... most recently I did fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (my disk is 0, partition 1)

then I flag'd the partition 1 as the MBR, updated, write... but that didn't work either.



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I figured it out...


Check out:



Scroll down to the section about applying the bootfix patch.


I used the latest BrazilMac patch files and it looks like he changed some stuff since that writeup was made. My patch files didn't have a bootfix directory so I downloaded the post-patch install files he listed (http://rapidshare.com/files/65965115/files.rar.html). I followed the commands and it all worked!


So now I'm up and running including network, full video, and sound. Next I'm on to getting PC_EFI working so I can reapply the vanilla kernel and use update and so forth.... but Leopard looks great!

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