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I really need a Boot Loader for my Leo toshiba laptop! Help!


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I've got Leo installed on my Dell tower, no probs.

My Toshiba laptop is proving to be a nightmare.

It won't boot from any OSX DVDs, neither vanilla or patched (but the same discs boot my tower fine)

If I format and install Leo using the laptop hdd on my Dell, it boots fine from the hdd on the Dell, but when I bring it over it won't boot from the same drive on the laptop.



The BIOS is really anti-mac!

If, however, I format and install Leo on my Dell tower (using the laptop hdd), and then put the hdd back in the laptop and boot from an Ubuntu CD, and then choose the "Boot from hard disk - ignore Ubuntu" option, away it boots, no probs.


I need to find a way of installing a Boot Loader that's capable of doing this from the hdd, not from a CD (can't be dealing with a laptop that won't boot unless it's got the right DVD in).

Either the Linux one (can't find a way of doing it) or another one that doesn't need a partition.

Or, one that will allow me to boot from the DVD (so I can do a native install on the laptop itself (which would be much better)).



And if I use one that uses a partition, how can I then install Leo bearing in mind the only way I can get Leo to work on ANY machines is by preparing the destination install drive with Kalyway's bootable Leopard disk preparation CD.


Help help help!

Any help hugely appreciated.


Toshiba Satellite Pro M40 285 - latest BIOS, no USB boot capability of any kind.

Many thanks.

Diz :(

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