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My future Hackintosh build

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Hey all. Looking to build a new Hackintosh and OSx86 is looking like it makes it painfully simple.


But here's where I want to do something a little different: I want to build it into my old Graphite G4 case.


Basically, I plan on putting in:


-A Gigabyte Micro ATX board, to be chosen based on compatibility with OSx86

-A Q6600

-4 gigs of OCZ memory

-An EVGA GeForce 8 series card. Hopefully the 8800 GT will be supported soon. But the vibe I'm getting is that I'm stuck with a GTS.


Considering I want to use a G4 case, I'm stuck with a Micro board. I'm pretty sure it will fit the case, but if anyone has seen something like that one way or the other, I'd like to hear about it.


Also I'm thinking water cooling. This stuff will all run fairly hot, and the G4 case is not designed with this stuff in mind. So I'm thinking I'll throw a loop on it and find a place to put in a 120mm fan. I'd have to dremel some stuff, but I'm thinking it's possible.


Also, if I ended up putting it on water, I could overclock that 6600 like crazy.


I'd probably smoke anything short of an eight core Mac Pro, eh?


Any comments or input would be greatly appreciated.

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Q6600 on a micro board, in a mini-tower case? :P Sounds like you are begging for heat issues, even with water cooling. Why not save the $150 from the water cooling and buy a mid-tower case? I am running my E6750 C2D on a P35C-DS3R @ 3.4Ghz in an antec mid-tower that i bought for $89 at Micro Center and my processor never breaks 30C... even when hammering it. AND, i am only running the stock cooler. So, I would think you could buy an Arctic cooling setup for $30 and run the Q6600 at 3.8-4.0Ghz and throw down...

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Well, I'm willing to pay a slight premium to avoid having a non-Mac case. I mean, a black box would look lame.


Water cooling won't cost me much. I've already got a full array of swiftech parts lying around. All I'd need to buy would be the CPU block, which would be like 90 bucks, max.


I'm not saying I COULDN'T use a DS3R and just throw it in a regular tower, but that's not hard at all. It would be an interesting challenge to do it in a smaller case.


I could just do an E6750, that would run slightly cooler.


I could do a G5 case perhaps. That would probably work much better, but I'd have to acquire one. Point being I really don't want this in a regular box.

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