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OS X install DVD


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Hi - I just found in Hong Kong a PC DVD called Mac OS 10.4 for install x86 .

There is no .exe file in it .

extensions look strange like ".app" , etc ..

So , i don't know what to do with it .

would anyone know how to get something from this ?






Install Mac OS X


Optional Installs.mpkg


Read before you install





Welcome to Tiger.app

Xcode tolls

._Install Mac OSX

._Xcode Tools




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It is an install-DVD for MacOS X.4, based on x86. x86 doesn't mean you have files with *.exe. x86 also != windows. x86 is the processor architecture.

Mac had it's own platform, the PPC-processors, the so called G-Processors (... G4, G5). Now they are switched to Intel and Intel prododuces x86-processors. That brings Mac highly near to a PC, but there are some difficults between a MacIntel and a regular PC.

However, it's now possible to install MacOS X on your PC, with some tricks and it seems that you've found that Install DVD.

I don't want to discuss the legality of this dvd you've bought/found, becuase there are only (as far as I know) MacOs x86 DVDs out there only for developers!


Now you have this DVD, decide what to do. Maybe you try installing MacOsX!?





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That s why I looked for it and why I eventually found it .

Now, the question is , how do I install OSX on a PC with this DVD ?

Do I just need to reboot the PC from this DVD ?

Do I need an other software like PPC , etc ...


"....you can install it with some tricks ..."

That s precisely what I m looking for : the TRICKS .

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