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Looks like I have found the fix for onboard LAN


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My problem for my mobo was that I couldn't get LAN connection up unless I boot up

Windows XP and coming back to Leopard again.

The common problem for this was that it appears your LAN is up and connected but you couldn't

actually connect to the internet.


I was looking around for fixes, such as


and everywhere in this forum and also osx86scene.


Together with those ideas to "enable" wake-on-LAN after shutdown in XP, now in Leopard,

I went to System Preferences -> Network -> Selecting Ethernet -> Going into Advanced...

-> In the Ethernet Tab, and change the Speed from 100BaseTX, where it was initially to

10BaseT/UP and holy cow, now it works 100%.


The problem always came back after power off and the next boot, but that issue is

somehow gone now with the fix.


I don't know whether it helped to set all the configuration, except ipv6, to "Manually",

at the same time.


Would you guys with the same problem confirm it works for you?


My hackintosh is,


Q6600, GA-P35-DS4 rev.2.0, bios F7,

Leopard 10.5.1-dized from Brazil, and most kexts Vanilla-ed over EFIv8, except the kexts

gotten from irc, to enable restart, sleep, timemachine.

The ethernet driver I am using is RealtekR1000.kext from sourceforge.

This one I understood from other topics is that it works better than the Realtek made driver,

for Bonjour to work . True, now I can see iTunes sharing running on another Mac from my hackintosh.

Finder's Connect to Server -> Browse is now correctly working so that I can see other servers

in there.


Now at this time of moment, I lose 100Mbps speed but better than nothing with 10Mbps, right?


Hope it helps!


So I need now to find a fix for the very last problem, shutting down correctly to power off my hackintosh.



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