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Hi everybody,


I have a Dimension 2350 witn an Intel Extreme 3D chipset (845GL) and a wireless Netgear card.

I installed a uPhuck 10.4.9 os x but there is no driver for my intel chipset but resolution is limited to 1024x768.


I read I should install a 10.4.1 ox X but it is impossible to find it and I'm wondering if my wireless card would still function.


I also have a ATI Rage II PCI card, but cannot find drivers for it.


I'd like to buy anohter nvidia or ati card which would be compatible with os X 10.4.9 but my computer does not have an AGP slot !! it very recent but no AGP slot...


So could someone give me an advice ? I think I have to keep 10.4.9, but which PCI graphic card should I buy ??

I don't want any acceleration QE, but just 1280x1024 or greater.


Thank you for your help

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Hi Estebi:


I have used OSx86 10.4.1 before, and it is very old and doesn't run all the Applications. I had installed on my Dell Insprion 1150 because the Chipset wouldn't support anything higher. OSx86 10.4.9 and higher should be good to run most Applications.


I have an older NVidia MX4400 and I was able to use MacVidia 1.0.7 Drivers for full resolution (1400x900) on my Dell Optiplex GX-260.


--danyel :hysterical:

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