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Getting a new processor help me decide which to get


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Ok so im looking to beef up my hackbook. i found out that my chipset will support a core 2 duo but only up to 533MHz FSB, theres only two core 2 chips that have a 533 FSB and those are the T5200(1.6ghz) and the T5300(1.73ghz). But, I also found a core duo that is 2ghz(T2450) but its just a core duo. Which would be faster running leopard?? I already have a dual core(crippled core duo, google the T2060 chip) @ 1.6ghz. would these even be an improvement?

I need help deciding. im leaning more twards the core duo @ 2GHz, but would the core 2 duo be faster since it a 64 bit chip and leopard is 64-bit?

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