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Hi Everyone!


I'd like to share some of my favorite Open-Source "Gems" and other Freeware:


CyberDuck - FTP and SFTP Browser for Mac OS X

I was finally able to setup an FTP Server at home but felt uncomfortable sending my password thru plain text with FTP. CyberDuck supports SFTP (Secure FTP) protocol and features an appealing interface.


Perian - Open Source Quicktime component that adds native support for many popular video formats

I had built up collection of FLV (Flash Video) from YouTube and other sources. I wanted to play them natively in Quicktime Player. Perian allows native playback of FLV and many other formats. Best of all, I'm able to play my Flash Videos in Front Row (!)


Macam - USB webcam support for OS X

I had an old Logitech Quickcam Chat lying around. Usually, I'd use this camera with Windows and Logitech only has Windows drivers. By downloading Macam Drivers for OS X, I'm able to use my webcam with my Mac. Macam comes with its own viewer and plugin for Quicktime. Now, I'm able to use my webcam with CamFrog and iChat (with another plugin).


What are you Open Source "Gems" or Freeware that you use?


--danyel :thumbsup_anim:


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