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"Stalled" install


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Hey there.

I've got an AMD desktop I thought I'd try with Leo. Had it running Tiger a few months ago, but now I intended to convert it to a pure Hackintosh.

The ToH AMD install goes as far as giving me the classic "still waiting for root device". (I'm going to try messing with the partition tables later today)


I tried it with the -x flag, and the installer started. I formatted my SATA and started the install (after removing printers and X11). It spends about 30 mins working, calculating the remaining time, after which it reads out 2 hrs 11 mins (3 hrs 17 mins one try), and sits there, from what I can tell indefinitely. I tried leaving it on over-night; when I woke up to check it, it read 5 hrs something. Any ideas as to what might be the cause?



Athlon64 Venice 90nm 3200+ @ 2GHz

Corsair CMX1024-3200 1024Mb


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You can try installing the tiger OS then update to Leo using the TOH cd


I'm thinking of it, though I'd rather not have to as it's a hassle :/



I think I'm gonna go ahead and do it that way after all. Which Tiger-release would you recommend? I want minimum trouble installing it, as I'm going to up it to Leo as soon as I can. Also, which Leo release would you recommend for upgrade purposes?


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