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PCMCIA Cardbus not Powered


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I've completed installing JaS 10.4.8 on my Gateway MX6920 (1.6GHz Core Duo, 1GB RAM, GMA950, 3495ABG). Knowing that the Intel 3495ABG is not supported and the driver won't do anything productive, I dug up my old Belkin F5D7010 version 1315 PCMCIA card and plugged it in. Lo and behold, no lights flashed; not even the power light.


The lack of a power light led me to believe that the driver/kext for the PCMCIA bus was not properly functioning. I looked around on the forums, and found a fix that involved replacing the IOPCCardFamily.kext. Somehow, I didn't have one to replace (which was odd in itself). So I just copied the downloaded kext into /System/Library/Extensions/, deleted the two Extensions.* files, and rebooted.


Nothing doing.


I know that my PCMCIA card is supported (or I know that others have it working, at least). What's going on, and how can I fix it?



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