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Confused about Tiger Disks


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Sorry for being such a noob here, but I'm getting mixed answers everywhere I turn.


The 'noob' ID is your saving grace here... :-)


Seriously, who the heck are you turning to, that they can't give you a clear and concise answer (i.e. I suspect your sources are part of the 'We don't need to inform ourselves' category)


The version available in stores is PPC only. Apple has only released a special dual version, available for a $1,000 developer kit (includes hardware), for development purposes... and you have to return that kit after one year.


The only way to run OSx86 on other intel hardware is by acquiring a copy of the install disk, applying patches, and jumping through a few hoops. Doing so is in violation of several licenses, though, and you are potentially breaking US laws if you post the results of your achievements online, or distribute the OSx86 disk.

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