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"Software cannot be installed on this computer"?


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Ok so I have a Macbook, which I bought in September. Too early for the "Up-to-Date" promotion. My buddy just bought a black MacBook with the Santa Rosa processor and Leopard pre-installed. He burned me a copy of Leopard, but when it boots and gets past the install screen, it fails with a "Software cannot be installed on this computer". I've checked my partition table type and it's the right type. I formatted my Tiger install to try to see if that would work, nothing works. I can't figure it out.


He said it may be because he has Santa Rosa and I don't. Anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this? I've read about hacking up the DVD image, but I really want to avoid that for numerous reasons including MacPorts and my Mac don't get along, I have no Dual DVD burner to reburn the CDs, and it's a pain to fit on the SL-DVD. I figured this was the best place to check.


Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

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