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Just installed, some questions


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Hello, i have finally installed Mac OS X 10.4.8

I did it with VMWare because it couldnt be done Raw because it then said "Still waiting for Root answer", or something like that.. it didn't with VMWare

I was so happy it worked because i want it about a year already, but couldn't ever install it because of the lack of hardware

Now i just got a new pc with AMD Athlon X2 64(2.11GHZ Dualcore)

It runs fine and I'm typing from it now

But i got a view questions


-Is Club3D Nvidia Geforce 8500GT already support(I saw it wasn't but maybe it's now), or is there any method to increase resolution, because this is way too small

-How to update Safari?, i really want the latest but i doubt updating to 10.4.11 work i guess the OS will crash then as its not for hacked AMD OS

-What are the best speed trick

-Can i connect my iPod Classic to iTunes in Mac OS X86 in VMware


I got 10.4.8 from usenet quickly, i wanted 10.5 but torrents are so slow i will maybe download that later

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