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Intel 82945GM Boot Issues


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Hi all,


First things first - many thanks to I_am...me for his excellent guide on getting EFI working. Installation was a breeze...


But - I'm using a Toshiba R500 with 2gb and it should be able to use up to 256mb of that as shared Video RAM. However when I start up my install, Darwin is reporting:


"VESA v3.0 7MB (Intel® 82945GM Chipset Family Graphics Chip Accelerated VGA BIOS)"


On using -v I saw some messages similar to:

"VGA: family specific matching fails"

"display: family specific matching fails"


So I searched in the BIOS and can't see any settings in there. I even read the manual and it talked about being able to change it in Advanced display settings in Windows (great!). The strange thing is that if I boot again off the DVD and go to System Profiler it reports it as an Intel GMA 950 with 64mb VRAM.


I've tried booting with -x but that didn't seem to do anything. I'm afraid I'm a complete n00b so I'm out of ideas - can anyone think of anything else to try?


Many thanks in advance,



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