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my, a mitake of viarhine.kext


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hi , everybody.


i running the Mac OS few months ago, i install TOH leopard last night, my hardware be ok, just my etherent got problem.


my computer hardware list:

C2 E4300 support, but i need change boot.plists, "cpus=2", it is make proceseer perfectble.

gigabyte ga-vm800pmc, i cancel the sound card from bios setting, i using the creative USB sound card.

1G*2 DDR2 667 support

AGP 7300GT install NVinject.kext, it will be ok.

sata2:120G*2, ide:250G*2, 80G*2 cannot use SATA Hd TO install OS, just IDE for it.

ViewSonic 22'' si[[prt



problem happen from viarhine.kext.


the viarhine.kext running perfect on tinger OS, but the got unstablity on leopard 10.5.


in the case, i open webiste by safari(also firefox),might be 10s or 20s, i cannot open next page. then i check the network monitor, there are just have data sent, and data received was 0kb/s.


i try the case, i download the file from internet. the file have 95mb, after few seconds. the link stop at 25mb. i donknow, what happen of it.


thanks very much everyone.




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