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Toshiba m200 vs Acer c200


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Ok, so, Im starting to woo myself away from a HP Compaq TC1100 i absolutly lovve the machine but i wants the pen to work. So my options at the moment are an m200 or c200. I want to consolidate this information in one place because i want need help to decide and two to update the wiki (cause, really not may do). There is alot of conflicting information abounds on the forum so please speak from personal experiance or at the very least link to posts.

Toshiba Portege m200



Intel Pentium M 725 / 1.6 GHz


Chipset type

Intel 855PM

L2 Cache size2 MB

Memory specification complianceDDRPC2700

Hard Drive5400 rpm (ick)

Display Type12.1 in TFT active matrix

Max Resolution1400 x 1050 ( SXGA+ )

Graphics Processor / VendorNVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200

Video MemoryDDR SDRAM - 32 MB

Wireless NICIntel PRO/Wireless 2200BG


Acer TravelMate c200



Intel Pentium M 760 / 2.0 GHz


Chipset typeIntel 915PM

L2 Cache size2 MB

Memory specification complianceDDR2PC4200

Hard Drive4200 rpm (ick, ick)

Display Type12.1 in TFT active matrix

Max Resolution1024 x 768

Graphics Processor / VendorNVIDIA GeForce Go6200

Video MemoryDDR SDRAM - 64 MB

Wireless NICIntel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG


so its pretty obvious what i want to get but i really just need feed back as to compatibility and peoples personal experiance.






hmmmm this might have to be moved to hardware.....sry

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