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New 10.4.11 Install Hangs At Reboot


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Hi all,


Against my better judgement, I went ahead and put PC_EFI v8 on my system to do the 10.4.11 (and future) upgrades from Software Update. Well...the install went painlessly and I picked up a couple of points in Xbench with the new setup! Probably the first time I got so lucky on updating my hack :D


HOWEVER, I recently found that if I try to reboot, the system will hang on a black screen. Now the weird part is shutdown works fine; OS X will go to the blue screen with spinning black circle and power off normally. But, since I often switch between OS X and Gusty Gibbon over the course of a day, I'm finding it more and more annoying to have to power down (either by Shut Down or the power button I if forget at hit "Reboot") and powering back on if I want to get back to my bootloader. I suspect some posters here will tell me I need to restore a kext relating to ACPI (which, I'm assuming, I can pull of my trusty old Uphuck 10.4.9 r3)?


My set-up is:


Gigabyte 945-GZM S2

E4300 @ 2.4

2 gig dual-channel @ 533

eVGA 7100GS (w/ Titan)

Airlink101 Atheros-based wifi (w/ 10.4.5 80211 kext)

Seagate 320 7200.10 (w/out GUID; partition scheme same as before update)


Any help here would be great; again, for anyone who is on the fence about the PC_EFI jump like I was, I'm sleeping a lot better now not waiting for hacked kernels to be released.



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Same problem here. HW+SW specs bellow.


Thanks for at least confirming I'm not the only one :blowup:


Did you do anything to Titan after you upgraded? I didn't bother touching mine since it seemed to work, but that's one of the few connections I'm seeing between our setups (aside from Gigabyte boards, but since they're very different chipsets I doubt that could be the issue).


When I get back to my hack in a couple weeks here, I'll play around with Titan (maybe reinstall or try a swap with Natit) and let you know if I find anything that way.


Also, out of curiosity, what did you upgrade from (when doing PC_EFI)? I did an Uphuck 10.4.9i r3 to 10.4.10 combo (I can't remember if it was Kallyway or what now). I'm wondering if maybe my 10.4.10 combo update threw some weird kexts in there that PC_EFI isn't liking now (since a lot of the "flawless" upgrades seem to come from a clean JaS 10.4.8 or Uphuck 10.4.9 or the like).


Thanks for inspiring me not to give up! Hopefully we can get this figured out soon.


Edit: Whoops! Just saw you did a 10.4.10 install. No connection there I guess (unless it's a 10.4.10 combo update issue somehow). I'll keep playing around.


Edit: Oops! and saw you were using Natit. Well, the question still stands on if you did anything to it after your upgrade (and which version you're running).

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To anyone interested -


I've been reading the 10.5 install forums (mostly for the new Uphuck news; can't wait until reviews of iATKOS start coming in), and came across an interesting post about restarting w/ a new 10.5 vanilla kernel install:


Seems like adding a modded ACPIPlatform kext from irc.osx86.hu #leopard might be what we're looking for (thanks, stellarola!). I'm still away from my box for at least another week, so if ls8 (or anyone else) could follow up on this, it would be much appreciated.

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