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Got Mac Pro, Need Vid Card Upgrade. Help !

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I have a Mac Pro, bought last year.



It has the 7300GT, {censored} card !



I want to upgrade to ANYTHING that is faster !



ATI or Nvidia !



I know a lot are using "fixes" for the Hackintosh... that is fine by me, I just want to get

a better card in my Mac.



Can someone point me in the right direction ?



What is involved in upgrading if you have a real Mac ?



TIA !!!!

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If you get hold of a 7800 GTX 512mb (ebay) this can be flashed to work as a Quadro FX 4500 but it does require a rom chip change to a 128 kb one then flashing. You can also make a 256mb card work as well. I made the roms available here:




Requires a 128kb rom chip and good soldering skills. Best go for a BFG 7800 GTX 512 card or Dell 7800 GTX 256 as I know they work!

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