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ATI... I'm losing it...

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Sorry to start yet another ATI thread but all other ATI threads are being filled with tons of replies so I'd like to start this one to just try to attack this specific problem... I have been reading through all topics for the last days and I'm simply losing it: according to one it should work for my chipset without any problems, according to others it shouldn't...


Here's some facts about my setup:


- HP Pavilion Laptop with ATI Radeon 9000 64MB chipset (device ID: 4c66 so included in 10.4.4 ATIRadeon8500.kext)

- first installed OSX86 10.4.1 and was able to get the AGP bridge to work (my processor-to-AGP is ID: pci8086,3341)

- after a couple of weeks I installed 10.4.3 Build 8f1111g (Maxxuss patches)

- I downloaded the 10.4.4 ATI kexts as posted in other topic

- I deleted all ATI*.* in /System/Library/Extensions

- I copied all ATIRadeon8500*.kext files into System Extensions

- I removed the Extensions.mkext and Extensions kextcache files

- I repaired Disk Permissions and rebooted

- According to System Profiler the Radeon kext is being loaded for Device 4c66: OK!

- Display is the using PCI bus so

- Then copied AppleI386PCI.kext (10.4.3 version) from another topic into System Extensions folder after having changed ID for my AGP bridge

- I removed the Extensions.mkext and Extensions kextcache files

- Repaired disk permissions and rebooted

- Can't get to the desktop anymore - only once I got a black screen filled with white vertical bars for the desktop but most of the time it stops at console message: C0D0: vram [98000000:08000000] and it hangs

- when booted in safe mode System Profiler shows Vesa display on AGP bus (so not PCI)

- when running in Terminal sudo kextload for AppleI386PCI.kext and ATIRadeon8500.kext both are loaded succesfully


So a couple of simple questions:


- is my Radeon 9000 (4c66) supposed to be working or not?

- should I be able to load the ATIRadeon8500.kext and AppleI386PCI.kext together without locking up the OS?

- is a 10.4.3 kext like AppleI386PCI.kext working correctly when being used on 10.4.4?

- suppose we can get this chipset to work: what would be working for this particular chipset: CI? QE? resolution?


If you're still reading this line: thanks for your time :gathering:

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Your card is not supported at present time, those Ati drivers are useless to you and me.


The AppleI386PCI.kext can't be used if you have Ati drivers in your system it will crash everytime.


Your system will run better using Vesa then with the Ati drivers, you can leave the AppleI386PCI.kext but it really does nothing to improve performance.

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Well, as I couldn't sleep I started messing with my ATI Radeon 9000 (HP laptop) again...


Followed a topic I found about changing the GLCompositorRequiredClasses key inside the CoreGraphics.framework to change "IOAGPDevice" into "IOPCIDevice"... Then I copied "AppleI386PCI.kext" back to the System Extensions folder with the correct deviceID of my AGP bridge...


When rebooting the OS I now got another kind of "messed up" desktop: black and white again but the white vertical bars were larger this time and I could "see" my mousepointer by means of some distorted line crossing the black and white screen...


After rebooting again and checking the WindowsServer console log I can see that it actually tried to enable the hardware acceleration (Accel caps: 00000001 instead of Accel caps: 00000000) but crashed afterwards with an error on an invalid address...


This makes me think that maybe the framebuffer is not correctly reserving memory: this could make sens as my Radeon 9000 (4c66) only has 64MB of VRAM and Mac OS X is listing 128MB of VRAM in System Profiler...


So here's my question: is there any config file or plist or ... where I can change the amount of VRAM used by the Radeon???


Thx for any reply :)



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