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Please Help! Inspiron 6400


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hey people... how are ya!


my name is augusto and im from méxico..


i've tried for over 2 weeks to install os x 10.5 leopard and so far i've managed to make almost everything to work ok.. except for the sound which doesn't mute when i plug the headphones, but i can live whit it... and the monitor which has never gone over 1028x768...


i've read every single post about Ati Mobility Radeon X1400 cards... and tried every single solution with no success.. so i'm beggin.. yes... beggin! for a solution...


please.. if somebody who has the same computer.. has ever made it work at full resolution using the internal monitor.. please share the solution with me!


i will be grateful for life!



im desperate! since my "data partition" is pretty much wrecked because i haven't been able to fully switch to osx only because of the monitor... and i haven't been too productive because i'm currently not a full Mac user nor a full Windows user...


so.. im giving this "switch" attempt a few more days.. but if i don't make it work ok i'll have to go back to windows!


so please save me!!



thank you nice people!


thanks in advance!



by the way... i'm fully willing to downgrade my system to 10.4 if that improves compatibily... so sugestions are really apreciated... thanks!

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