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AC97 SoundMax Digital, how do I get it working

Don Corleone

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Hey Peoples,


I just installed JaS OSX 10.4.8 a few days ago for the first time, so I'm still pretty new with all this. I'm the lucky owner of a Dell Dimension 4600, for which a decent guide was published on the 0SX project page. That included video and network drivers, which seem to work nicely now. The one thing I'm still struggling with though, is the audio card. After some searching, the onboard audiocard of the dimension 4600 seems to be a AC97 SoundMax Digital, for which i haven't found any references on this forum as of yet. Only thing I've found is that the audio works through the black (rear) plug of the 5.1 system, which I'm not happy to use...


So, does anybody know of a correctly working driver (or .kext, or what's it called) for this sound card? And if so, can you also tell me how to install it, I'm not all too familiar with the terminal yet (btw: is this osx system linux based?)


thanks a lot!


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