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OSx86 v10.4.3 Build 8F1111A + JaS Patch + Bootable DVD = Problem?


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I've had OSx86 v10.4.1 installed on my laptop for a while now, it was dual booted with Windows XP + SP2 beautifully.


I downloaded OSx86 v10.4.3 Build 8F1111A + JaS v4.2b Patch DVD image & burned it to a DVD.


Stuck it in my laptop & tried to upgrade over my current OSx86 v10.4.1 installation.


Everything looked like it was going fine, till right at the very end where it told me I needed to Restart my system, it kinda just froze.


I had to hard power my laptop off & then back on again.


This time I didn't get ANY Grub loader screen, but it went straight to boot Darwin/OSx86 instead.


It looked like it was going to boot (HD activity & everything) but eventually it just stopped at the grey Apple loading screen with no HD activity anymore.


Ok, so I put the bootable DVD back in and now I'm re-installing a FRESH new copy of OSx86 v10.4.3 (by completely erasing my previous v10.4.1 installation) to see if that would work instead.


My question is, if this doesn't work, is there any way to boot into my XP partition?


I know it's still there, it's just not loading Grub anymore :D


Btw for those interested I have a vpr Matrix 220A5 laptop.


- 2.2GHz Intel Pentium 4-M

- 1Gb of RAM

- 40Gb HD

- nVidia GeForce4 420 Go 32MB Video Chipset


One more question, is there a way to display verbose startup messages for OSx86?


Like the -v option when you put in the bootable DVD?


Or maybe F8 works like Windows too?


Gives you more options?


Anything like that?

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