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OS X on XPS M 1330


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Good evening, i have a Dell XPS M 1330 with the intel graphics. I have succsefully innstalled OS X three times. ( 10.4.6 DVD, 10.4.8 JAS DVD and 10.4.10 xXx). But every time when i run the first boot i get the same Kernel Panic. Picture of Kernel Panic.

I have tried diffrent startup options(-x, -v,platform=....., -b, -s.etc...), but i always end up with the same kernel panic! I have read through all the post concerning M 1330 on forum ( i think ), but i nowhere find the solution for my problem. I have also tried Google without any sucsess.

What does this kernel panic mean and how can i fix it and get my M 1330 up and running with OS X? :worried_anim:


Thanks in advance

Håvard ( Norway )

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